Nice Touch™ is a full coverage, disposable remote cover that is both easy to use and inexpensive enough for single use to help ensure proper germ and infection prevention in hotel and healthcare settings. The clear, lightweight, protective material and precise fit ensure that devices remain fully-functional while protecting the end user from cross contamination.

It is well known that the television remote control is the most contaminated item in your guest room. The Nice Touch™ remote control cover eliminates the spread of germs. Made of a transparent polyurethane, the disposable remote cover comes in multiple sizes to fit any remote control device. Simply insert the remote control into the cover and seal the zip closure. Nice Touch™ can also be customized to order.

Keeping you safe during your stay, now that is a Nice Touch™.



“After I saw the Nice Touch™ remote cover, I had confidence the hotel cared about my family and knew it was cleaned to my standards.”  Stephanie P.

“During my last trip, I was delighted to see the remote control cover. I had never seen one before at a hotel and had heard this was the dirtiest item in a room.  It took away any worry of handling and made me feel the hotel cared about its patrons.” –  Mark S.